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Roots & Country and Sweetcorn Festival

Country Music on the Isle of Wight & a Celebration of Sweetcorn

Despite the Indian summer that we are currently experiencing there are many autumnal celebrations taking place on the Isle of Wight and this week we experienced two of them. 

What you will learn in this podcast

  • Where else in the world you will find the Isle of Wight
  • What the Roots & Country Festival is
  • Which country and Americana bands played in Arreton
  • What the best things were about the event & why we hope there will be another one
  • What the Sweetcorn festival was all about
  • What we like and what we disliked about the Sweetcorn festival this year

In the News

This week in the News there is excitement as world class art comes to the Island from Banksy and Pablo Picasso.

Ali tells us about Northwood House and the Chamber of Secrets.

Also news this week is that we are taking a short podcast break and will return again on Tuesday 3rd November 2015.

Food & Drink 

This weeks' food and drink features the Fishbourne Inn (in surprisingly, Fishbourne) and why you should pay a visit.

Links you may find helpful 

Northwood House

Art Exhibition at Ventnor Botanic Gardens

Roots and Country

Luke & Mel

Claydon Connor & The Big Sky

The Damien Paul Band

Lauran Hibberd

JC and Angelina

Arreton Barns

The Sweetcorn Festival

The Fishbourne Inn

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Bestival 2015 & UK Podcast Awards : Episode 36


Round up of the Bestival 2015& Podcast Awards

In this weeks episode Ali gives an update on the results of the UK Podcast awards 2015 which were held in Manchester. Tony gives a slightly gruff review of this years Bestival. The high and low points and reasons not to miss out on next year's event. 

What you will learn in this podcast

  • What Ferret legging is!
  • Weird and wacky world records on the Island
  • Why Bestival is Best of All!!!
  • Who won the UK Podcast Award for Places and Travel
  • Why we need your support to win next year!!!
  • Smart ways to ensure you get a ticket and the best deal for Bestival 2016

In the News

This week in the News Tony is talking record breaking Islanders, Ferret Legging and Pirates in a Pub.

Ali discusses some delays expected along Fairlee road and the sad sad closure of Colemans Farm.

Food & Drink 

This weeks' food and drink features a cafe with a fantastic view, which deserves a little care and attention, Appley Beach Cafe.

Links you may find helpful 

Bestival 2015

Bestival 2016 early Bird

Plastic Mermaids

Jurassic 5

Tame Impala

Podcast award results 2015

Ferret Legging , Edward Simpkins and Frank Bartlett.

Spyglass Inn; Most Pirates in a Pub

Appley Beach Cafe

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Isle of Wight Cycling Festival 2015

 The Isle of Wight Cycling Festival

& Wolverton Garden Fair

In this weeks episode we give you a double header.  Firstly we talk about an unexpected summer treat in Wolverton Manor Garden Fair. Secondly we give you all the details of what is looking to be a fantastic month of cycling activities with the launch of the Isle of Wight Cycling Festival 2015.

What we cover this episode:

  • Wolverton Manor
  • Fundraising for Age Concern
  • Tailbacks to Carisbrooke
  • The number 1 place to go cycling in the world (according to us & The Lonely Planet)
  • The Isle of Wight Cycling Festival Highlights
  • Some useless tips from Tony
  • Why Tony thinks you will need to bring your own Vaseline
  • Fundraising Fireman - 100 Here, 100 There fundraiser taking place. Two routes – either 100 kilometres or 100 miles – will be on offer for cyclists to tackle, all in aid of local charities.

In the News

This week in the News Tony is talking cakes and a foodie visit from Baking Royalty! - Mary Berry.

Ali is excited to tell you about the grand opening of the sea wall between Totland and Colwell Bay.

Food & Drink 

This weeks' food and drink features a modern and popular dining experience found in the heart of Cowes, The Coast Bar.

Links you may find helpful 

Wolverton Manor Garden Fair

Isle  of Wight Cycling Festival 2015

The Coast Bar

Mary Berry visits the Island

Totland sea wall

100 Here 100 There 2015

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Bestival Preview 2015

Bestival 2015

The last Festival in the UK calendar comes to the Isle of Wight and arguably the best!  In this weeks episode we give a run down of what to expect in this years extravaganza of music and entertainment!!!

Bestival Areas Around the Site

Ambient Forest - Theatre, cinema and music in an amazing forest setting, as well as the start of the festival train!

Slow Motion - Yoga, meditation, and hot tubs!!!

The Port - HMS Bestival washed up in a storm and brings you some great dance music and entertainment.

Bollywood - The gloriously colourful hand-stitched tent serving the finest cocktails in the land is the venue that DJs request to play in year on year.

Stardust - The main stage and big top featuring all the headline acts.

Magic Meadow - Invaders of the Future with the best bands of the Isle of Wight performing.

Temple Island - 25 stages make up this rave universe.

Grassy Hill - Caravanserai and the Grand Palace of Entertainment.

Wishing Tree Field - This year Wishing Tree dwellers will be rocked by the sounds of the the very best Tree Js who will swing you through into the wee hours.


In the News

This week in the News both Ali and Tony are excited about upcoming music events on the Isle of Wight. Ali brings you news about  Classic Isle on the 4th - 6th September 2015 at Northwood House and Tony talks about a Country Music extravaganza at the Dairymans Daughter in Arreton

Food & Drink 

This weeks' food and drink features a 600 year old pub with fantastic views and great food, The Sun Inn at Hulverstone.

Links you may find helpful 

Classical Isle

Roots and Country Festival

Vanessa Mae

Nigel Kennedy


Sun Inn

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